How does it work?

Loyalty Plan

As part of our Loyalty plan, Joxko offers to redeem part of your purchases on our website. This means awarding loyalty points which are subsequently converted into call-time credit.
Every purchase with Joxko is rewarded with loyalty points. You receive loyalty points each time you top up a mobile phone of a parent or friend. You also earn points every time you add credit to your account for your outgoing calls.

Points are awarded as follows:

How points are earned

  • 1 point for a 5€ purchase with the top-up service
  • 1 point for a 1€ purchase with the telephone service

Conversion of points

Points can be converted once you reach 100. You will receive a 5€ telephone credit for 100 points earned.
Loyalty points are valid one year from the date they are earned.

How can I convert my points?

  • I place an order to add credit to my account.
  • Before I issue my payment based on the summary of the transaction, I check "I wish to have my points redeemed as bonus".
  • The telephone credit I ordered will be added to my account + 5€ credit for 100 points earned.
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