Telephone top up Service

Enables you to top up mobile phones worldwide.

1. What does the Joxko’s top up service enable you to do?
The Joxko’s Top-up service enables you to instantly top up the mobile phone of your family or friend around the world. Currently more than 85 destinations available. Make your beloved ones happy while staying in touch with them.
2. Is the top-up sent through JOXKO different from the top-up locally bought by users in their country?
No. There is no difference between the top-up that you send through JOXKO and the one a user can buy in his/her country.
3. How soon can the top-up be activated?
The top-up is automatic and instantly activated on the recipient’s mobile phone, after the transaction has been confirmed and paid for.
4. How can I know when the top-up I sent has reached the recipient’s mobile phone?
The recipient receives a text message that indicates the amount of charge sent the first and last name of the provider. The person sending the credit receive an email order confirmation and an email confirmation of payment.
5. Can I customize the sms sent to the recipient?
Yes. You can customize the sms to the recipient. Just before the payment, you can customize the SMS confirmation of sending credit received by the recepient. The recepient will receive an SMS containing your personalized message. If you do not customize the SMS, the recipient will still receive a standard SMS confirmation.
6. Is there any fees applied to sending a top-up?
Yes, there is a fee for sending a top-up. The fees depend on the payment option and value you chose, they are indicated in the summary of the transaction before you validate the payment. The fees help cover expenses such as bank charges and sms cost.
7. Will I be refunded if the phone top-up could not be delivered?
If non-delivery of the top-up is our responsibility (see the General Terms and conditions of Sale), you will be refunded of the amount charged to your bankcard.

Telephone Service

Enables you to call anywhere in the world from a land line or a mobile at affordable prices.

1. In which countries can I call with Joxko?

To call with Joxko, you must reside in one of the countries below:
France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada.

2. Can I use any telephone to make my calls?

Yes, you may use any type of land line or mobile telephone as long as:

  • You have registered the number in your account and such number is shown when you call.
  • The number is issued by a telephone service operator based in either of the following countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada.

3. How do I make calls with Joxko?
  1. Save the number you wish to call from
  2. Add credit to your Joxko account
  3. Now, call your correspondents in three ways:
    • Accessing the server : dial the Joxko server number (available in France, Belgium, Canada, United States).
      Ex.: 0 182 882 488 for France
      Dial your correspondent’s number, then you are connected to each other.
    • Call back : This option is only available in France. You dial the call-back number (No.…).
      You will hear a busy tone, please hang up immediately.
      The Joxko server calls you back.
      Dial your correspondent’s number, and you will be connected to him.
    • Web callback : Access your Joxko Phone account on the web, go to the “web Callback” menu
      Enter your correspondent’s number in the international format
      Confirm, you will then be connected to the correspondent.
      To make it easier
      You can define a number for your correspondent abroad which Joxko will associate to a local number.
      When you call the local number that has been assigned to you, you will be automatically connected to your correspondent. This feature is to be used for favourite numbers."
4. How do I call?

To make a call, you must:

  • Add credit to your account (for example 5€).
  • Dial an access number located in your area, from the telephone you have registered in your account. You will then be prompted to dial the number of your correspondent.

5. How do I register a phone number with Joxko?
Click on the Add User link from your Customer area, and follow the instructions. You must register by entering the number in the international formal without 00 (For example, if you register a French number, you must type 33602xxxxxx).
6. Am I supposed to go through the local access number each time I call, even if I often call the same correspondent?
No, you may call your correspondent directly without going through the regular access number. To do so, you should set a direct number for your correspondent(s) beforehand. Joxko will associate a local number in your area with your correspondent’s number. Thus, when you call your correspondent, you only need to dial the local number associated with your correspondent’s number, and you’ll be automatically connected. So, why don’t you save this local number to your phone now, and directly dial it next time you wish to reach your correspondent?
7. How do I set up a direct-dial number?
Click on the Set direct-dial number link from your Customer area, and follow the instructions to enter the name and number of your correspondent abroad.
8. Why is it cheaper to call abroad with Joxko?
Because Joxko services are charged per second as from the first second, and there are no connection fees as opposed to other telephone services on the market. Joxko charges only the minutes actually spent (you can directly check your account using the call history link).
9. Apart from the rates, are there any other advantages I can get with Joxko?

Yes, Joxko offers more options such as:

  • No need to switch telephone operator, you can keep your current plan and use one telephone to make all your calls, while getting the flexibility to add credit to your account whenever you want,
  • keep your budget under control,
  • earn loyalty points that can be used as credit to your account.

10. What is the breakdown of the charges applied to my outgoing call?

Rates of calls are broken down into two parts:

  • The cost of the local outgoing call to one of Joxko’s regular access numbers or to your correspondents’ direct-dial numbers (local access numbers). With some telephone service operators, calls to local access numbers may be free of charge.
  • The cost of the international outgoing call from Joxko: Find out the rates for all destinations available here.

11. What is the CallBack feature?

The callback feature enables you to make outgoing calls without using your normal plan when you do not have free calls to local access numbers in your area.
To use the Callback service:

  • Dial Joxko callback number,
  • hang up and Joxko calls you,
  • pick up and dial your correspondent’s number abroad: Find out the Callback rates available here.


1. Do I have to sign up in order to use Joxko?
Yes, to use Joxko services, you must sign up, free of charge, with no commitment and no subscription required. Click here to sign up.
2. How to sign up ?

  1. Please fill the sign up form in few seconds
  2. You will receive an activation email: click on the activation link
  3. Your Joxko account has been activated. You can sign in

3. Does Joxko have a loyalty Program?

Joxko rewards your loyalty.

  • You earn loyalty points each time you top up the mobile phone of a parent or friend, you can use these loyalty points to call the parent or friend.
  • You also receive loyalty points when you add credit to your account in order to make outgoing calls.

4. Which payment methods are accepted?
Joxko accepts any bank cards: French Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Paysafecard, Neosurf.
5. How to pay with Paysafecard ?
Pay safely on Joxko.com without a bank account or credit card ?
Buy Paysafecard in a point of sales and pay online.

It's so simple:
Paysafecard is on sale near you. Find your nearest sales outlet here: www.paysafecard.com/pos
Get Paysafecard in the following amounts: 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 € / £ / USD .... You receive Paysafecard in the form of a printout with a 16-digit PIN which you enter in the Paysafecard payment window. That's it. You've paid – without entering any personal details or a bank account number.

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